5 Fun Facts About Toms Shoes

Toms Shoes is a NYC based shoe company that you should get to know a little bit more if the name is currently unfamiliar. Not only will you find an assortment of quality shoes for the family at toms nyc, the company aims to do good things for the community. Read below to learn five fun Toms facts and be sure to make your next shoe purchase one that bears the Tom’s name!

1.    Toms gives back to the community. Every time you purchase a pair of shoes, a pair of shoes is donated to someone in need. So many people struggle for simple pair of shoes and this brand aims to help put that to an end.

2.    Toms shoes are designed to wear with socks, as most closed-toe shoes. Make sure to wear socks with any of the styles of shoes that you buy to prevent smells and to prolong their lifetime.

3.    Not only does the Tom’s company donate a pair of shoes to a child in need each time you buy a pair of shoes, they also have an eyewear program that helps people get eyewear in their time of need.

4.    Although made with high-quality materials and designed for comfort, Toms shoes are inexpensive. Costs of a pair of Toms shoes vary according to the style, the size, and other factors. However, expect a great pair of shoes that outlast your expectations when you wear Toms shoes.

5.    Aside from the eyewear program and shoe program, Tom’s also helps the community in a number of additional ways. They have a refugee program, an adoption program, and more. In reality, buying a pair of Toms Shoes feels good inside and out -and on your feet, too!

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It’s time to add a pair of Toms shoes to your wardrobe, don’t you agree?