Mistakes That Jeopardize Your Career Shift

As you climb the lucrative and often elusive career ladder, it is not unusual to understand what you need to make the right decisions and to achieve the career shift. Despite our efforts, we mostly end up making mistakes that blow up even the best-laid career plans. Here are some mistakes that stop your intended career shift.

Unwillingness to Learn

We live in a dynamic world, a world in which everything is changing constantly. This means as the days go by you have access to new technology, new ways of performing tasks and better ways of engaging your customers. When you overlook these changes, you get left behind.

How can you fix this? Have a passion for learning and adapting to changes through research and training. Adjust the way you work, manage or lead accordingly.

Ignoring Politics within the Workplace

Most workers are politically ignorant. For your information, politics within any organization is inescapable. Organizations are made up of departments, which act more like constituencies, each having its own interests and issues. Ignoring these puts you at the midst of a career wilderness, which translates into career suicide.

To fix this, you need to understand how the organization works and come up with ideas to handle potential traps.

Lacking Key Job Skills

When you start a new job, get promoted or you get assigned new job responsibilities, developing additional job skills is a must in order to excel in the new job role. Lacking key skills puts you at risk of being rated incompetent during the next skill appraisal.

To fix this, you need to perform an inventory of the skills you have and know what more you need in order to stay relevant within the organization. Find a way to learn the extra skills fast.

You Have Performance Issues

The biggest issue you can face as an employee is failure to meet the targets and objectives of your job. Apart from failure to meet targets, being inconsistent is a big issue.

To fix this, start by knowing exactly what is preventing you from hitting the targets. Once you understand this, find a way to rectify the situation.

Final Thoughts

Building your career puts you ahead of the pack. However, take care to find the right way to get to the top of the career ladder. Learn new strategies, handle politics the right way at the workplace, build your job skills and hit your targets in order to stay relevant. Check out additional valuable facts to build your career the right way.