What A Dunnage Rack Is Used For

Dunnage is very solid. Solid dunnage is made from plastic. But it is sustainable. Here is how the solid dunnage rack west homestead supply and installation, if this is necessary, unfolds. Solid plastic dunnage is made out of recycled plastic. It is a high density polyethylene. This is the kind of plastic you usually find in your milk cartons and detergent containers. No wood materials go into the making of these containers.

The solid dunnage rack is used to elevate existing crates, boxes, containers and pallets for the purposes of placing onto forklifts and making it is easier for the forklift operator to manage the packages. Features and benefits for the use of dunnage racks can be applied to your business, as the case may be. Here is but just a brief sample. The use of solid plastic dunnage does not require any interventions from international agricultural inspectors.

Also, wood boring insects and worms are not on these structures. It is therefore able to cross international borders with the delays usual to inspections. The Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) has given the dunnage rack its stamp of approval. It was mentioned earlier. The material that is used to build the dunnage rack is sustainable. The racks are made from one hundred percent recycled plastic.

solid dunnage rack west homestead

You do not need to hire a rack or two. You could just as easily by them for use in your own yard. You only need to make one purchase for long-term use. That is all. The racks are also waterproof. So if your yard is not sheltered, then no problem. Not that it is encouraged but rough handling will not damage the racks. Dunnage is solid. Solid dunnage is made from plastic. And its use is sustainable.